BSI Consultant Programme

BSIThe British Standards Institute is a world leading business services organisation. Originating as the world’s first national standards body, the BSi group has grown to supply services to over 100 countries worldwide.

As a certification body, the BSi is entirely independent and as such, is unable to provide any form of consultancy service.

In order to be able to direct clients to consultants that the BSi has thoroughly assessed, the Associate Consultant Programme (ACP) was established.

Following a rigorous examination of our capabilities, Fastrack Consulting are proud to have been accepted as members of the ACP.

As well as demonstrating our capabilities in the field of Quality Management Systems, to ISO 9001:2008 standard, Fastrack Consulting is one of a very small number of consultants to be accepted as ACP members based on our knowledge and capabilities in Business Continuity Management to BS 25999 standard.