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Business StrategyFastrack Business Strategy Support

In today’s economic environment, businesses are seeking to re-vitalise strategy in order to ensure optimised performance is achieved. Whether this is the private sector who seek to maximise profits and delight customers, or the public sector who face complex demands ranging from political, through legislative controls to community welfare, the basic need is the same: ensure optimum use of resources to maximise results.

At Fastrack Consulting, we provide support, either through consultancy or interim management in the following areas:

Strategy Development & Strategic Alignment

We help our clients to align and integrate complex strategies. We use bespoke methodologies to ensure that strategies are developed and executed to maximum effect. We also help our clients to ensure effective communication of strategies and we facilitate management communication and functional alignment.

Business & Profitability Growth

By employing the above techniques, we seek to ensure that our clients meet their goals and continue to grow their success, despite the challenges of the current economic climate.

Customer Relationship Management

Our senior consultants have many years of experience as executives in the customer relationship arena. We are able to provide help and guidance aimed at ensuring that you delight your customers through excellence of service. We will help you to implement world-class customer relationship programs that will engage your organisation with the wants, needs and opinions of your customers.


We believe that the key is the right balance for your business. Many companies are discovering that previous outsourcing strategies have not delivered exactly what they expected, others are facing the need to outsource for the first time. In either case, the key is balance and effective execution. We provide experienced guidance to position our clients’ businesses for success.