Executive Support

Executive supportLeadership Development Programs

Fastrack Consulting senior consultants each have many years of boardroom experience in blue chip corporations. We use that experience to help our clients get the very best from their leaders.

Executive Coaching

Having gained their experience in the fast moving world of the High-Tech industry, our senior consultants know what is needed to succeed at a senior level in a high pressure environment.

Since joining the consulting world, this experience, gained as executives in the private sector, has been bolstered by experience in the public sector. As such, we are confident that our senior consultants provide excellent support and guidance based on first hand knowledge.

Our coaching programs start with understanding the objectives of the organisation and the executive being coached. We then help and guide the executive to increase their success and that of the organisation as a whole.

We believe that relationships are everything in coaching and seek to place the executive at the centre of the program and support and nurture their development to the highest levels of achievement.

Management Development

Whether through individual coaching or broader based programs for entire management teams, we bring real-world experience to our clients’ managers, helping them to develop the skills they need for their organisations to succeed.

We offer management coaching programs, similar to our executive coaching programs or, often, we cascade development programs from existing executive coaching programs. This allows executives to ensure that they maximise their success through excellence of execution at the management level.


We provide the all-important external perspective. From our own executive experience, we are able to help business leaders develop restructuring strategies that match today’s economic realities. We provide the fresh set of eyes, recommend strategy and assist with implementation.