Management Systems

The Integrated Approach to Management Systems

Most organisations employ multiple management systems. Common examples are Quality Management Systems, Health & Safety Management Systems, Environmental Management Systems, etc.

Whilst we support the implementation of many management systems, as covered below, we have also developed a unique approach to integrating multiple management systems.

Utilising our bespoke CultureTrack® process, we are able to ensure that multiple management systems sit in a common framework that delivers substantial advantages to our clients in terms of commonality, efficiency and cost reduction.

There is also a need for transparency throughout the supply chain. This has been further emphasised in recent years as supply chains have become longer and leaner.

For this reason, we have ensured that our unique CultureTrack® process is fully adaptable to the supply chain. Through implementation of the modular approach to management systems, we ensure that, using the CultureTrack® process, our clients can monitor and report results both from within their own organisations as well as within their supply chains.

This allows management and stakeholders alike to monitor performance of all key management systems, including: Business Continuity Management, Quality Management, Environmental Management and Risk Management, across any number of business units both internally and externally.

Please see the diagram below to find out more about the CultureTrack® process as well as the individual management systems that we provide expert support for.


Culturetrack diagram

Quality Management Systems to ISO 9001:2008

As members of the BSi Associate Consultant Program (ACP), Fastrack Consulting have demonstrated the highest levels of competence in building and supporting Quality Management Systems to IS0 9001. We now offer our clients support as they develop their Quality Management Systems to the new ISO 9001:2008 standard.

We also offer our clients the opportunity to utilise our bespoke CultureTrack® process in order to ensure that their Quality Management System sits comfortably with other existing or future management systems within their organisation.

In addition to our expertise in supporting the creation and development of Quality Management Systems within our clients’ organisations, we have specifically developed the CultureTrack® process in order that it can also be readily used to measure the Quality Management Systems of their supply chains. This facility provides excellent transparency from supplier to end customer, ensuring that our clients’ goods and services are of the highest quality.

Whether you need to achieve ISO 9001:2008 certification, or to enhance your existing Quality Management System so that it encompasses your supply chain, we have the tools and expertise to help you.

Business Continuity Management to BS 25999

We have extensive experience in Business Continuity Management in both the private and public sectors.

Fastrack Consulting are one of the few consulting companies to be accepted into the BSi Associate Consultant Program (ACP) for BS 25999 and have supported the largest organisation yet to undertake BS 25999 on their journey to accreditation.

Wherever your organisation is on your journey to BS 25999 and beyond, our consultants can provide expert support for your resilience program.

From the first steps of establishing policy and creating the baseline documents for your Business Continuity Management System, through building the program to BS 25999 standard and beyond, our unique CultureTrack® process, combined with the help from our experienced consultants, will guide you. Your Business Continuity Management System can be developed at the pace that suits your own organisational needs and, importantly, the CultureTrack® process will allow you to clearly demonstrate progress to your stakeholders.

We also believe that most organisations face great threats to their resilience from their supply chains. For this reason, the CultureTrack® process is designed so that our clients can use the process both to track and develop their own resilience but also that of their supply chain.

Whether your goals are a full implementation of a BS 25999 Business Continuity Management System, or simply to take the first steps to increase your resilience, the support we provide will ensure that what you put in place is robust as well as aligned to any future needs for a full BS 25999 Business Continuity Management System.

Risk Management Systems to BS 31100

In today’s uncertain economic environment, Risk Management is seen as an essential process by many of our clients.

Risk Management is an invaluable means by which organisations can take a balanced view on the risks that they face. We all clearly understand that, in both the private and public sectors, a certain amount of risk is necessary. Indeed, risk may be a positive benefit to an organisation.

We believe that the essence of risk management is finding the correct and appropriate risk appetite for each individual organisation and developing Risk Management Systems to ensure that risk is controlled and managed in a clearly defined manner, allowing robust management of organisational risk.

In October 2008, the BSi published new guidelines for Risk Management in the form of a Code of Practice, BS 31100.

Fastrack Consulting have incorporated BS 31100 into our unique CultureTrack® process. In so doing, we are able to support our clients as they develop Risk Management Systems in line with the needs of their individual organisations, in the knowledge that the BS 31100 compliant process they develop, will sit comfortably alongside other management systems they may already have as well as those they develop in the future.

In particular, we believe that the grouping of a BS 31100 based Risk Management System and a BS 25999 Business Continuity Management System allows our clients to demonstrate their commitment to resilience to all stakeholders, with great clarity.

We are seeing more and more organisations, come to the same conclusion, especially in the Finance sector, where there is a renewed need to assure stakeholders that risk is being effectively managed.

However, the approach of combining Risk Management with Business Continuity Management is also being seen as an excellent means of generating stakeholder confidence in many organisations both in the private and public sectors.

Environmental Management Systems to ISO 14001

At Fastrack Consulting, we recognise that many of our clients are seeking to make a commitment to green issues. ISO 14001 provides a well established framework for Environmental Management and is an internationally accepted standard.

We also recognise that developing an Environmental Management System to ISO 14001 standards is a journey, not a single step. For this reason, we include ISO 14001 within the set of standards supported by our unique CultureTrack® process.

Using the CultureTrack® process, our clients can build and Environmental Management System from the ground up and accurately monitor and communicate progress to the stated aims of their particular Environmental Management System.

Fastrack Consulting provide both the tools and the support to allow organisations to develop their Environmental Management Systems towards ISO 14001 and beyond, at their own pace.

Health & Safety Management Systems to OHSAS 18001

At Fastrack Consulting, we are great believers in ensuring that our clients’ Health & Safety Management Systems deliver high value and low bureaucracy.

We know the value that an effective Health & Safety Management System can deliver to an organisation. We also believe that there are very strong links between Health & Safety Management and other management systems, such as Quality Management. Accordingly, our unique CultureTrack® process allows our clients to develop and track progress across a range of management systems, whilst ensuring that each individual management system is robust and effective.

We have found that the OHSAS 18001 standard from the BSi is a very good standard that allows for ease of integration with other existing or future management systems, whilst simultaneously providing and excellent framework to deliver the health and safety benefits that our clients seek for their organisations.

As with all other management systems included in the CultureTrack® process, OHSAS 18001 can be implemented in isolation, if so required or as a part of a set of management systems across an organisation. Equally, the CultureTrack® process allows our clients to extend their requirements for Health & Safety Management outside their organisations, gaining visibility of performance within their supply chains in order to demonstrate to stakeholders that they have a genuine commitment to Health & Safety both internally and externally.

The CultureTrack® process is entirely scalable and can be used for single or multiple management systems at any stage of development.

Performance Management

Fastrack Consulting can provide world-class expertise in the area of Performance Management. Our experience, gained in the High-Tech industry, has been brought to bear in designing Performance Management systems to meet both private and public sector needs.

To achieve this, we have carefully selected the most successful elements of private sector systems and analysed their cross-sector suitability. In so doing, we have developed Performance Management systems that are bespoke processes, designed with the specific needs of individual clients in mind.

Our Performance Management systems can also be supported as a part of any existing suite of management systems both current and in line with future needs. Utilising our unique CultureTrack® process, we can offer the option of integrating Performance Management processes alongside other processes in order to reduce duplication and increase efficiency in areas such as management review.